lunar_making of


june 21 2018 – downloaded over 200 hours of high quality audio files + onboard voice transcriptions from Apollo 11, 12, 14, 15, 16 and 17. 
Then I cut it into more than 1000 audio clips according to specific content. This process took me a few months…

oct 12 2018 – just finished „lunar_nightunes“ a part of my longtime project „lunar_“. This 9 min part is about a conversation from Apollo 16s John Young with Houston. In the background you can hear noises from his camera and some music he is listening to (Berlioz Symphony Fantastique and Modern Jazz Quartet). In „lunar_nightunes“ I used all noises and backing music from the original NASA tapes to create a very new unique soundscape. 

„lunar_nightunes“ arrangement/ mix




John Young











jan 3 2019
finished „lunar_breath“, – a small part that comes right after the „lunar_landing“ section. „lunar_breath“ is somewhat claustrophobic. I only used astronauts breath samples and ambient background sounds from different Apollo missions. Mostly in mono, this part focuses on the loneliness of the astronauts on a foreign planet.

arrangement „lunar_breath“















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