lunar_ demos

lunar_ (2018- 2020)

Composition, programming and concept by Markus Muench.
All voices and sounds are created from the original NASA tape recordings (1969- 1972).
No synths or sample libraries are used.
A few additional instrumental parts: baritone electric violins (1, 6), vibraphones (7) played by Markus Muench
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… I listened to your „lunar_“ series. It´s very well done!…
Ryuichi Sakamoto

…I just listened to „lunar_“ with great pleasure! Great work – I like it very much…
Heiner Goebbels

Ever since I listened to „lunar_“ I’ve been glad that especially Markus Muench has put this dream of mankind to music and arranged it into art, which otherwise would have remained just a handful of audio files…a terrific idea!
Andreas Ammer

Space is the place to be right now. „lunar_“ is my favourite ambient hoerspiel 2021. And a great piece of music too.
Ulrich Bassenge



lunar_tapes (0:00)

lunar_breaths (12:58)

lunar_samples (17:15)

lunar_soundchecks (23:24)

lunar_nightunes (35:41)

lunar_checklists (44:16)

lunar_rests (54:23)