The sounds in „lunar_“ consist of a combination of electronic and instrumental music.
The ratio is about 3: 1 (electronics / instrumental).  All electronic sounds are extracted from the original NASA material.

electronic section:

-about 75% of the composition

– sampling: spectral/ granular/ tape mod
creating sustained ambient, noisy and percussive sounds (clicks and cuts) out of original NASA material

– collages of original voices from astronauts

– cutted backing sounds out of the original material (electr. artefacts, tape sounds)

instrumental section:

about 25% of the composition

-electric violins

-acoustic violins

-electric bass



main software:

Logic Pro X 10.4, Ableton Live 10 (Max for Live), „Spear“ by Klingbeil

original tapes from Apollo 11 audio recordings

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