works | scores

Lakehurst N.Y. 5-6-1937 (2003/ 2021) for string orchestra and tape (min 2-2-2-2-2)

lunar_ (2018- 2020) for multi channel sound installation or  live instruments and electronic/ digital music with original samples from the Apollo Missions 1969- 1972 (NASA)

body_scan (2017) for e-guitar, tenor-saxophone, vibraphone, piano and digital sounds

Herb Morrison Report
(2003/ 2016) for viola and tape (other versions for violin or cello and tape)    extract-from-score-3

human_scan (2015) for 5 string e-violin and digital sounds (new part of „ok.v.oo2_sOlO.4“)

human_chromosomes 1 (2013) electronic/ digital music (part of video opera „human_“)

chromosomes study (2013) electronic/ digital music    extract-from-score-3

ok.v.00X_sOlO.X (2012- ) music for live performances with video artist Joerg Staeger

sOlO.X  (2012- ) music for solo live performances with computer, MIDI controllers, acoustic and electric violins

3 Chorals from „Mirlitonnades“ (1997/ 2012) new arrangement for „sOlO.x“ (vl, vibe, e-bass, apple voiceover)

3 Studies For 4 Female Voices (1989/2011) for 4 mezzo sopranos or mezzo soprano and tape    extract-from-score-3

matter_cells (2011) electronic/ digital music

matter_fields (2011) electronic/ digital music

matter_space (2010) electronic/ digital music

MATERIE 1-5 (2010/11) electronic digital + instrumental music with video

Virtual Playgrounds 1-4 (2009) electronic digital + instrumental music for a dance piece

Gap Junctions (2008) for e-guitar, vibraphone, cello, 2 sinus-keyboards and electronic sounds (other version for e-gt, vibe, cello and tape)    extract-from-score-3

Alien Invasion (2007) electronic digital + instrumental music/ released on CD „Documents, Collages, Cut-Ups Sampling“ (Trace label 026, Paris)

data.strings (2007) for 6 part string orchestra or string ensemble, e-bass and electronic tape (3vl, 1va, 1vc, 1double bass/e- bass)    extract-from-score-3

Flights – A Radioplay (2004-2006) 55 min composition/ media arts

Street-Pow-Wow (2005) Muench / Hardin; for strings and electronic digital music/ released on CD „Un Hommage À Moondog“ (Trace label 022, Paris) 

Code-A-Phone (2005) for tape

Chong-He Chi (2005) short opera for 4 singers (s-a-t-b), 1-4 actors, strings (1-1-1-1-1), e-guit, percussion and tape   extract-from-score-3

LZ129 (2003) for tape 

Cranberry Sauce (2003) for video, string quartet and tape   extract-from-score-3

Under Attack 1+2 (2002) for violin and pre-recorded material

Psychedelics (2000-2002) 6 psychedelic pop songs

Dead Pussy Dead (2001) music for a short film (HFF-Berlin)

One Small Step (2001) for 2 sopr. voices, vl, vc, 2 keys, sampler

Intertainment Spot (2000) commercial

Swatch Spot (2000) commercial

Moonlanding (1999) for 2 sopr. voices, sopr. sax, bass cl, vl, vc, 2 keys, sampler, perc.

Space Song (1999) for 2 sopr. voices, 2 keys, vibe, sopr. sax, bass cl, vl, vc

Canteloop (1999) for sampler

Machine Music (1998) for 2 bariton sax, sopr voice + key, vl, vc, piano, marimba

Mr Gorsky (1998) for speaker, sopr. sax + flute, bass cl, vibe, key, vl, vc

Kennedy’s Speech (1998) for tape, sopr. sax, bass cl, vibe, key, vl, vc

Zorn Dance Mix (1997) for mixed ensemble

Mirlitonnades (1997) for speaker, vibe, vl, vc, e- organ

Peipa (1995) for string quartet and sampler

At Mareta (1993) for string quartet

Another Question Charles? (1991) canon for 9 vl, 3 va, 3 vc, 3 db

A sound is a sound is a sound (1989) for 3 speakers

b-a-c-h (1989) for 4 female voices

Music For 9 Solostrings (1987) for 4 vl, 2 va, 2 vc, db

Ice (1987) for string orchestra and keyboard

Microscopic Music (1986) for 12 of the same melodic instruments    extract-from-score-3

Raindrops (1986) for 2 flutes