„lunar_“ = full evening length work as a concert or sound installation (duration about 60 minutes)

„lunar_cutOuts“ = excerpts of the unfinished work

autumn 2019
lunar_ (first full length concert)
ESO supernova garching/munich

lunar_ (first full length installation)
4 channel sound installation
einstein kultur halle 3
frameless munich

15.06.2019 20:30h
solo performance with markus muench
(computer, violin, cassette recorder, hammer, rocks)
halle 50 domagk ateliers munich

30.05.2019 18:30h
01.06.2019 18:30h
lunar_soundchecks (part of „lunar_“)
aDevantgarde Festival
einstein kultur halle 4

Buzz Aldrin from Apollo 11

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