„lunar_“ deals with the time of the astronauts on the moon.

Consciously, in „lunar_“ no documentary description of events should take place, but rather an emotional state of the first humans on a strange planet should light up. The artistic processing of the documents is intended to open up new perspectives and contexts for the listener. 

Thus, original audio materials of the missions are selected and arranged according to certain contents, statements or sounds. The documents are mixed or contrasted against each other. Noises and electronic artifacts of the old original tape recordings will be electronically processed by using spectral and granular sampling. There is also no traditional „libretto“. It is the astronauts conversations, that form the focus and the content. The music is generally strongly determined by the audio material. All electronic sounds will find their origin in the original document (background noises, electronic artefacts etc). The recorded instrumental parts will approach the document, underline it or set tonal contrasts.

The individual parts of „lunar_“ will focus of the content, which run through all Apollo missions … interesting dialogues, breath sounds, the collection of moon rocks/samples, soundchecks for audio and TV connections, descriptions of the lunar surface, sounds of music cassettes astronauts took with the mission, going through check-lists, talking about sleep and rest periods or just ambient tape sounds of the original recordings.

lunar_“ parts/ movements:








Al Worden´s  Apollo 15 flown music cassette tapes

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