„Lakehurst N.Y. 5-6-1937“ and „Herb Morrison Report“

The 16th aDevantgarde Festival presents 2 of my compositions, both of the same origin:
The legendary tape recording by Herbert Morrison about the crash of the zeppelin Hindenburg in 1937.

With „Lakehurst N.Y. 5-6-1937“ (2021) I composed a new version for 10 part string orchestra and tape, which will be premiered by the Münchener Kammerorchester conducted by Bas Wiegers in the concert „(No)Borders“ (June 13th).
The earlier „Herb Morrison Report“ (2016) for viola and tape will be performed by KP Werani in his solo recital „Viola Unlimited“ (June 8th).

tickets here: for (No) Borders- Münchener Kammerorchester or Viola Unlimited (KP Werani)
more festival infos: www.adevantgarde.de

lunar_cutOuts and more

A first excerpt from my composition „lunar_“ can be heard at the 15th aDevantgarde festival on May the 30th and June the 1st (18:30h) @ Einstein Kultur Munich with the part „lunar_soundchecks“.
I will perform more „lunar_“ -material on June 15th (20:30) @ domagk halle 50 with special „lunar_cutOuts“ and improvisations (see poster).
The full- length composition will be premiered this autumn @ ESO Supernova and Frameless Munich.